The Hope For Families Scholarship Program endeavors to provide financial scholarships, student mentoring, and coaching for individuals that are pursuing a secondary education at a college or trade school.

Tuition for college has been steadily on the rise for over 25+ years. Tuition for a public 4 year institution in the southwestern part of the United States ranged from:

As you can see families and students desiring to pursue a formal education are deeply challenged to keep pace with this rate of inflation to fund their education – they need your help!

We must keep our children and students focused on education to position them to keep pace with the significant changes in the world. Without formal training and degrees they face the potential of being shutout of the American dream.

Our community of students need your help to attend and continue their participation in a college, university, or trade school to become competitive contributors to our society. Our scholarship program fundraiser has multiple donor levels and this year we have made it easier to give.


Rev. Ronald Bell
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